Testing HTML rendering for a reStructuredText TYPO3 extension documentation

January 19th, 2014 • typo3, sphinx, restructuredtext, rest, documentation • comments

Testing HTML rendering for a reStructuredText TYPO3 extension documentation

This is my approach to test a reStructuredText documentation for a TYPO3 extension.

I read through the various Wiki pages and compiled this little guide. I think it is a more lightweight approach instead of installing the TYPO3 extensions restdoc/sphinx into a TYPO3 instance.

How to render reStructuredText documents with latest docutils on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

August 29th, 2013 • python, pip, docutils, restructuredtext, pygments, ubuntu • comments

How to render reStructuredText documents with latest docutils on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS comes with Python docutils version 0.8.1.

This version lacks support for ::code directives and some more features which prevents you from testing your reStructuredText document before uploading it to Github.

This little guide will help you to solve this problem by showing you the necessary steps to preview your document with the latest docutils version available in a sandboxed Python environment.

How to cleanup outdated TYPO3 development projects

During development of different TYPO3 projects I've forgotten to clean up the development directory regularly. So, after a while I even forgot which TYPO3 version was used by each project. To see the target of the source symlink the find command is very useful. The following gist snippet is a reminder to myself and maybe it's even useful for you!

Multi language/domain setup with RealURL - revised

The development of RealURL has made great progress and after the latest comment on an older article I decided to review the setup of a multilingual site with TYPO3.

The setup must meet two major objectives: language switching by domain, a proper language switching menu with properly encoded page paths.

Note, that this setup follows a very basic approach which don't include any configuration for extensions or special requirements.

TYPO3 multi language & multi domain site with RealURL and language menu

This is a step-by-step tutorial which describes in detail how to setup TYPO3 for a multilingual website with "domain language switching". It will describe how to properly configure RealURL, extend it's configuration with simple PHP statements in the RealURL configuration file and last but not least, probably the most important thing: the language switch menu with cross domain support.

I started with a clean TYPO3 installation and created two page trees in order to test the setup in a multiple page tree setup. Therefore I defined that on my local Linux box typo3-ml.local listens to the default language, while typo3-ml-en.local and typo3-ml-it.local - you guessed it - listens to the english and italian language versions of the page tree.

Note: This article is deprecated. Please see the latest comments. I'll post a follow-up as soon as possible!