About me

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Hello, my name is Thomas Juhnke. I'm a 35 years old guy living in Berlin, Germany.

I am a software developer focused on building web applications, hobby web designer and Open Source enthusiast. I started programming in 1997 in Visual Basic and Delphi but soon discovered the web and switched to web application development.

Currently, my work is focused on developing website applications with TYPO3 CMS.

My skills also include development of custom web applications with PHP frameworks like symfony or Zend Framework. I have extended knowledge of frontend development (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) and designing user interfaces for backend areas with the help of user interface frameworks like YUI or ZURB foundation for building responsive web interfaces.

About this blog

This weblog contains mainly articles about TYPO3 related stuff, some news, some tutorials & tipps and the one or another extension made by myself. In addition you'll find some articles & tutorials about Ubuntu and Linux related operating systems and Open Source software in general.

Last but not least, you'll find some collections about freely available music of the genres Drum & Bass, Jungle, Reggae & Dancehall and Dub.


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