How to setup TYPO3 extension th_mailformplus and nullmailer relay on your Ubuntu box


typo3 nullmailer relay gmx th_mailformplus

If you like to build a TYPO3 testing suite on your local Ubuntu machine and want to try out the mail forms you've build so far, the nullmailer package comes in very handy. It's a relay program which allows simple forwarding to mailboxes on remote systems.

The configuration of nullmailer is very simple. Just add the following line to the file remotes which is located at /etc/nullmailer/*. This is a working example for the GMX mail service. smtp --auth-login --user=GMXID --pass=GMXPASS
Nullmailer configuration

For the th_mailformplus Konfiguration I had to find the correct configuration keys to setup the return path properly, which is very important for the most mail services (like GMX). Since version 3.9.0 the emailParameter configuration key was removed by the Mailform Plus developer. But the extension now works seamless with the t3lib_htmlmail core class. So I made some source lookups and figured out setting the email_replyto key will address this "problem". The next thing is to set email_to and email_sender properties to the same values. Otherwise, relaying to mail services like GMX will not work.

plugin.tx_thmailformplus_pi1.default {
  email_to =
  email_sender =
  // returnPath in t3lib_htmlmail will be set to this value
  email_replyto =
TypoScript setup

If you finished your setup you will be able to control the nullmailer process with the following command

tail -f /var/log/syslog | grep -i nullmailer

Hope this helps. The nullmailer relay tool should also work with other systems than TYPO3. But ensure that you setup the returnPath properly for the mail command or framework.


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