Yahoo Pipes: Twitter Map Search


yahoo pipes twitter map georss location

*Sigh* My plans to write a new extension for TYPO3 end in smoke after I fiddled around with the great Yahoo! Pipes application.

I found a nice looking Pipe but it's lacking some input fields for the current position and the radius for the search. Maybe I'll clone this pipe and add these attributes as optional ones.

Enjoy playing around with this cool thingy.

Feel free to play around with this cool Pipe. I've preset the input field with TYPO3 but you can enter any search term you like. Just click the following link:

Possible extensions for this Pipe are:

  • location selection (mark Drag'n'Drop)
  • radius input
  • radius unit (km or miles) selection
  • adding missing Twitter user ("@XYZ") and timestamp
  • other ideas?


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